“Seafarers`s life needs to become Easier!”- We enable seafarers to do their work rather than overburdening them with additional requirements.

⚓ Behind the scenes we are busy working and planning. The last quarter brings more exciting projects. We are working intensively with our stakeholders on smart digital solutions for shipping and #seafarers. 📲 Manual data entry on board is a thing of the past – we are here to guide you and your partners to…

We are the digital claims management for shipping and logistics partners

Much of the shipping industry is still analogue – literally – with pen and lists. Communication goes across many desks by e-mail and telephone – ineffective, slow and error-prone.Damages are inadequately documented and claims are often not defended. ClaimsLog covers your claims management aboard and ashore, helping to save avoidable costs. ClaimsLog bundles analog data…

Als eines von 6 Teams aus dem ersten Batch von GATEWAY49 haben wir, #BetterClaimsSolutions das 9-monatiges Accelerator-Programm mit Bravour gemeistert. Diesen großen Erfolg „feiern“ wir gemeinsam mit Ministerpräsident Daniel Günther.

Unser DANK geht an alle, die dies ermöglicht haben und mit uns den Weg in die Zukunft starten!🚀

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