Enables efficient claims management through smart optimisation and the digitisation of analogue processes

We offer an intelligent claims handling tool for ship management and shipping companies. As a cloud-based system, which is accessed via a fully integrated App, the ship’s command can be guided from anywhere in the world through a standardized process from determination to settlement in the event of damage. This provides operational support, whether through the simple preservation of evidence, the definition of effective procedures or automatic documentation.

With the App, the crew gets clear guidance embedded in a digital tool, so we increase crew satisfaction and allow them to focus on their main tasks.  Tasks that were previously done on paper or with outdated technology can now be done more efficiently and to safe standards. This can be done both online and offline, facilitating collaboration with shore-based teams.

Complex data can be streamlined the routine inspection process via smart checklists. We provide guidance directly on board, enable easy & fast reporting and automate documentation.

We enable the exchange of information via a real-time digital claims file. This allows shore-based teams to easily access real-time vessel data and receive risk-based notifications and alerts to respond to incidents at an early stage.

We empower crews to adhere to standards, avoid negligence, and reduce human error by guiding them through the self-explanatory process.

We provide active recommendations and automatic alerts.

Make data manipulation impossible through transparent versioning and branching of data.